lespecial w/ Shwarma, Mr. Specific

Ages 16 and up
Saturday, February 18
Doors: 8pm | Show: 8:30pm
lespecial is redefining the term “power trio”. The three multi-instrumentals from Connecticut continue to command attention from music critics and fans alike through their national tours highlighted by fierce musicianship, creative showmanship and an engaging live show that leaves audiences exhilarated and hungry for more. lespecial’s signature blend of “heavy future groove” combines head banging heavy prog-rock riffage with bone rattling 808s and sub synths, taking listeners on a journey to the musical netherworld through esoteric soundscapes punctuated by raw, primal energy/power. The band’s latest album, “Ancient Homies”, released to critical acclaim on Ropeadope Records at the end of 2020, finds them at a new sonic level and at the apex of potential for a band that has played together since high school and continues to push the boundaries of what a trio can do both in a live setting and in the studio.
Out from the depths of Denver’s music scene comes the 5-piece kebab-rock monstrosity that is shwarma. Creating music since 2017, they have released 3 albums and 2 EPs, with a third currently in production. The shwarmth brings many styles of music to the table and is known for switching genres and time signatures on the fly. They’ve been playing the Denver metro area for years and are planning a tour for early next year.
Darkness and Light, Dissonance and Harmony, Chaos and Groove. Mr. Specific has been around Denver since 2018 spreading their unique brand of fuzzy riffs, saturated basslines and danceable odd meter. The lineup includes Guitarist Will Ganas and Bassist Colin Smith. The Drum Throne, ever rotating, includes Josh Katz, Dylan French and Nick Werth.
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