Marten Hørger w/ Wenzday, Ready Or Not b2b Anthny.jacobs, EVIO

Ages 16 and up
Friday, October 01
Doors: 8pm



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Imagine Bassmusic, with an analogue soul, coming straight from the motherland of Electro. Sounds good? Well, that´s Marten. From Australia to North America and Europe to Asia, Marten Hørger has amassed a following of devoted fans and made a lot of Bass loving friends along the way. He started his career at the age of 15 and although he wasn’t allowed to be in the club legally, he still managed to secure a residency at ‚Douala’, one of South Germany’s most famous underground techno club. Marten first gained international attention when German Elektro originator Westbam labeled him ‚the new wonder kid of bass music.’ Since then, he’s donned the hat of both DJ and producer, releasing a crate-load of music to critical acclaim. His first ever solo release ‚LGFU’ earned him two international Breakspoll Awards for Best Single and Producer of the year. Never one to stop, after ‚LGFU’, Marten continued to drop singles and remixes on labels like ‚Instant Vibes’, „Crispy Crust” his new Home ‚Punks Music’, and ‚Central Sation Records’ in Australia (the latter being nominated for ‚Video of the Year’ at the international Bassmusic awards). In the following years Marten developed from a scene hero into a global tastemaker and managed to find his very own sound somewhere between Bass, House, HipHop, Trap, Elektro and Broken Beat. Today his Music can be heard all over TV & Cinema as well as Radio one, Beats One and in the DJ Sets of artists like Diplo, A-Trak, Stanton Warriors and many more. He’s played DJ gigs everywhere from Beirut to Budapest and Ibiza to Siberia. It’s easy to see why he’s beloved by DJ’s and fans everywhere. With over a dozen North American and Australian tours, playing festivals like Shambhala, Kazantip, Mayday, Breakfest, Snowbombing, and Love Parade (R.I.P.), as well as residencies all over the world. In addition to his solo projects, Marten is also one half of the duo SMASH HIFI, along with ex-Prodigy member Leeroy Thornhill. In march last they released their first EP which led them to inking a deal with BMG. SMASH HIFI’s full length album is currently in the making. As a DJ & producer, Marten has achieved what seems to be so elusive in today’s music landscape: he’s carved out a lane of his own and he’s driving in it without limits.
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