Effective December 1, 2021, all attendees must show proof of full vaccination (14 days from last dose). Negative test results will not be accepted.


Where can I get tickets to Cervantes’ shows?

Tickets can be purchased online at, through our ticketing partner, Eventbrite. You can also purchase them in-person through our Box Office, six days a week, at the hours below.

When is the Box Office open?

Monday-Wednesday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday-Friday 10:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM

I got tickets on a website other than yours and/or they are not Eventbrite. Can you confirm they are real?

No, we cannot promise the validity of tickets purchased outside of our system. To ensure ticket validity, avoid shopping for tickets on third-party websites like StubHub, VividSeats, etc… and purchase your tickets directly from the venue.

How can I get tickets after a show is sold out?

We’ve partnered with LYTE to provide our fans a safe way to exchange tickets. The official Cervantes’ exchange is the only way to securely return and purchase a ticket after a show sells out. All tickets will be issued by our ticketing provider, Eventbrite.

When are the venues open?

Cervantes’ Ballroom and Other Side are open on show nights only. Check our “Calendar” page (linked above) to see if there is a show. The time marked as “Doors” is when the venue opens that night.

When can I pick up tickets that are at Will Call?

Will Call pick-up starts at 7pm the day of the show. No, there is no way to pick them up sooner than that. If you are trying to retrieve them earlier to sell them or give them away, please see “Can I sell/give away my tickets?” below.

Can I show you my ticket/s on my phone?

Yes, as long as the image on your phone clearly displays each ticket’s barcode, we can scan directly from your phone. There is no need to print it on paper. Go green!

Can I sell/give away my tickets?

Yes, in most cases you can sell or give away tickets that you’ve purchased. In order to do this, the seller will need to contact the venue directly.

Why can’t I buy tickets online for tonight’s show?

Online and phone-order ticket sales end at 6:30 pm on the day of the show, so that we can sell the rest of the tickets in person at our box office. To find out if tickets are still available, check, and if the ticket button for that show states “Tickets at the Door” we DO have tickets available for you to purchase at our box office! If the ticket button states “Sold Out” that means the show is 100% sold out. No, we do not have a secret stash of extra tickets at our box office. We will not sell any more tickets in any way, shape, or form once a show is sold out.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

Yes, the Lost & Found is located in our Main Office, which is open Mon-Fri between 9am-6pm and Sat between 12pm-6pm.

I accidentally left my tab open. Do you have my credit card?

Yes, you can pick it up from our Main Office, which is open Mon-Fri between 9am-6pm and Sat between 12pm-6pm.

I am an artist. How can I book myself a show at Cervantes?

Artist/show/event booking and all related matters are handled by EMAIL ONLY. It does not help to call our box office to discuss it. Please go to, find the “Info” section and choose “Artist Booking” for all the info you need to contact the talent buyers by email.

Are minors allowed to shows?

Yes most of our shows are 16 and up.

Do you do private events?

Yes, we love hosting events of every kind. Please email one of our talent buyers to inquire. Under “info” on our website, choose “contact info” to find the email addresses.

How can I contact Cervantes’?

We first suggest reviewing our Contact Info page (under Info) to see if there is someone specific you can email your inquiry to. You can also contact us by calling the main office at 303.297.1772.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes we do. Please contact Duncan Goodman at [email protected] for details.

Are food and beverages available at the Cervantes?

Yes, we have a restaurant located at The Other Side called Pass The Peas that serves fresh healthy sandwiches and other items focusing on locally sourced and organic ingredients.

What is your capacity at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom and Cervantes’ Other Side?

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom has a capacity of 1000 and The Other Side has a capacity of 450.

What is the space like?

The Masterpiece Ballroom has a spacious dance-floor for standing-room only. All general admission ticket holders can move anywhere on the dancefloor as they please. There is a bar along the back of the room. The Ballroom also has a balcony with some tables and chairs, and some standing room. The tables are first-come-first-serve, so if you prefer to sit, come early (at the time of Doors) to secure a spot.

The Other Side is a smaller club-style room, and is also mostly standing room. There is a raised ledge area along the back of the room with some tables and chairs, and some standing room. The tables are first-come-first-serve, so if you prefer to sit, come early (at the time of Doors) to secure a spot.

Is there an ATM at the Cervantes’?

Yes we have ATMs at both Cervantes’ and The Other Side as well as in the Box Office.

Do you have a coat check?

Coat Checks are located in the main lobby of the Ballroom and in the back of The Other Side. Coat check is seasonal and only used during the winter months or when we’re experiencing inclement weather.

Can I take photos, video, or audio recordings of the show?

Cervantes’ does not allow video or audio recording unless it is approved by the artist. We have the same policy for photographers. Flash photography is never allowed as it disrupts the experience of the artists and guests. To bring in any camera larger than a point-and-shoot, or any video/audio recording equipment, you will need a Media Pass, which you can request through the artist you intend to photograph/record.

Is Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom handicapped accessible?

Yes, we are. If you need special assistance, please come early (at the time of Doors) and talk to our security staff at the doors. They can accommodate most needs. If you think you may need more assistance than they can provide, please call us in advance at 303.297.1772.